Met Police in Teddington have thanked a retail employee who spotted a bank card scam taking place in a High Street store.

According to police reports three males tried to carry out a bank card scam near the The Card Collection store on Teddington High Street on December 10.

The staff member managed to intervene and scare the suspects who left the scene.

A statement posted online by Met Police in Teddington said: "A thank you to the observant staff at The Card Collection on the High St.

"On the December 10, they saw three males attempt a bank card scam on a member of public.

"Due to their timely intervention the suspects were scared off and promptly left the scene."

The bank card scam typically involves ATM's or parking machines to require bank cards.

The scammer will attempt to convince victims that the ATM or parking machine is not working and that they need either need to scan the bank card or take the card details.

Met Police in Teddington are advising residents not to provide any details to anyone who may approach them in such a manner and to report all incidents to the Police non-emergency number on 101.