An antiques expert and writer is set to host 'Unexpected Tales,' - his first one-man stand up show, that will be shown in Teddington on December 5 at the Landmarks Arts Centre.

David Harper is famously known for shows like the BBC Antique Road Trip and Bargain Hunt however- he has temporarily put his expertise to one side in order for him to live out his passion for comedy.

He wanted to create an atmosphere that would allow audiences to interact with him and the show which is why he decided against having any props.

In an interview with the Richmond & Twickenham Times, Mr Harper said: "This has been a long transition - over the past 15 years I have done a lot of hosting events because of my job, I get asked to speak at events or host them.

"A friend of mine runs a comedy club which I have been in a few times.

"My friend suggested that I do a comedy show in a theatre and so we decided to host four shows and I found that each show develops as it goes along - it's a story-telling event, where people can ask me anything and I will answer."

Mr Harper has always enjoyed comedy but never explored this side of himself because of his love for antiques and being on the road.

He decided that the best way to interact with his audience would be to set up a 'question and answer' scenario so that his audience could get to know him outside of his TV presenting personality.

Mr Harper added: "People are interested in history and art so I tend to get a lot of these questions but I also find that people want to know what really goes on behind the scenes at these antiques shows.

"I get asked what has been some of my highlights and worst moments like how I felt being voted as the worst contestant ever to be on 'Celebrity Masterchef,' or I tell them about that time a co-host almost got arrested during filming for indecent exposure.

"The show is about real things and real stories where we discuss topics, like what it's like to lose money.

"It's completely different for me because it is unscripted - I don't even know what's going to happen but, I do know that I can teach audiences something that will change their lives."

Tickets and further information for 'Unexpected Tales' can be purchased from the Landmarks Arts Centre website.