Residents will be offered free bags of grit and rock salt ahead of the colder months as part of Richmonds 'winter initiative' that is aimed at tackling snow and ice.

After receiving a very positive response from residents - the council has confirmed that up to 50kg of rock salt can be collected from the Council’s Depot in Langhorn Drive, Twickenham.

Rock salt will be available for collection from November 25 until November 30 from 9am to 3pm and from 8am until 1pm on Saturday.

Richmond borough has at least 250 miles of road surface and 500 miles of pavements, meaning the council has to prioritise its main roads and relies on residents to help to clear paths outside their houses.

In addition, The Council’s winter gritting service which runs from October to April will continue to keep main roads clear of snow and ice and ensure entrances to important public buildings remain accessible.

Residents are also advised to bring photo ID, proof of address and to be advised that a signature will need to be providing when they arrive at the gate to collect the salt.