A former Mayor and Tory Councillor in Richmond has been included in a dossier of allegations against current and former Conservative councillors for alleged Islamophobic and racist comments.

Marc Cranfield-Adams likened a woman in a burqa to a “post box” and said he found “Islam (and it’s manifestations) to be profoundly unBritish, and dare I say it, unEuropean,” [sic] in a Facebook post.

He also tweeted “With sadness I conclude every mosque and Muslim community is a Trojan Horse,” after the Westminster Bridge attack which killed four members of the public and PC Keith Palmer.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Screenshot of the Facebook posts made by Mr Cranfield-Adams

Twitter user @MatesJacob compiled a report of instances of Islamophobia on social media in posts made by current and former party councillors across the country, which was seen by The Guardian newspaper and the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Commenting on the posts Mr Cranfield-Adams said in a statement:

“The […] posts appear to have been published in 2017, over 30 months ago and have never previously been considered an issue. The dates suggest they would have been written only a day or so after PC Keith Palmer and four innocent pedestrians were murdered in Westminster by Khalid Masood. The Police treated his attack as “Islamist-related terrorism”.

“I categorically deny that I have or have ever had a fear or hatred of Islam or Muslims. I believe actions speak louder than words, that is why in 2007 I was the first Mayor of Richmond upon Thames ever to have invited a serving Imam (Hounslow Mosque) to offer prayers at the annual Civic Service. I have also hosted Muslim friends from Saudi Arabia to London in my home while on their holidays here in the past few years. These are self-evidently not the actions of an Islamophobe.”

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Screenshot of Marc Cranfield-Adams' tweet included in the dossier of alleged Islamophobic comments made by current and former Conservative councillors.

Mr Cranfield-Adams was previously suspended from Richmond Council in 2010 amid allegations of bullying and disrespect. He subsequently appealed against his suspension. In November 2011 Richmond Council decided not to contest this appeal, and apologised to Mr Cranfield-Adams for any damage caused to his professional reputation, as well as making a large compensation payout.

Former Mayor of Kingston Ken Smith has also been suspended amid allegations of Islamophobia over a post he wrote on Facebook that called Sadiq Khan a “disgrace to London and our Nation,” for putting “his religion before his country and countrymen.”

Mr Smith has been approached for comment by the Local Democracy Service.