Richmond will soon be inviting residents to 'have their say' on a new strategy that aims to place cycling, walking and public transport at the heart of how people move around the Borough.

The new strategy is also part of Richmond's pledge to improve residents' health as well as the air that they breathe.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of the Transport and Air Quality Committee for Richmond Council, said:“Whilst we are proud of our record, it's clear many people choose not to walk or cycle because some streets can feel unwelcoming and are too dominated by traffic and polluted by poor air quality.

“We need to make sure our streets are designed to make people feel as safe and as confident as possible when walking and cycling.

“We have recently declared a climate emergency and at the heart of our proposed Air Quality strategy is a commitment to cutting transport-related carbon emissions to help Richmond upon Thames become carbon neutral.

“Therefore, we need to make walking and cycling safer, easier and more pleasant; improve air quality, with reduced traffic and a further cut in car use and to take bold action to make our streets and neighbourhoods enjoyable and welcoming places to be.

“We welcome comments, suggestions and ideas about our draft Active Travel Strategy and we look forward to hearing views from our residents and local organisations.”

Over the next six weeks Richmond will work on a draft Active Travel Strategy.

The plan outlines what future investment is proposed in local infrastructure to support more journeys being made by foot, bike or public transport.

The aim of the Strategy is to make it safer and easier to walk and cycle, reducing car use, significantly cut transport-related carbon emissions, improve our air quality by reducing polluting traffic and make Richmond’s streets and neighbourhoods more enjoyable and welcoming places.

Proposals include:

• Improved street crossings

• More cycle networks

• Low-traffic neighbourhoods

• Increased cycle parking

• Linking routes to public transport

• Supporting other types of active travel including wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters

• Awareness, training and events