Richmond's electoral services team are preparing to make sure that all of its residents and those who have an intention to stand for Parliament will be able to do so at the General Election taking place on December 12th.

People wishing to stand in the election must submit their nominations to the Acting Returning Officer by 4pm on November 14th, and a full list of candidates will be published once the deadline has passed.

Residents who are not already on the electoral register are strongly advised to register by midnight on November 26th.

Those who are registered and require a postal vote are being advised that they must submit their applications by 5pm on November 26th.

People who receive and pay council tax bills are not automatically included on the register.

You can check if your name appears on the register by completing the form.

Anyone who is already permanently registered for a postal vote will not need to apply again.

British citizens - including those of qualifying Commonwealth countries, the Republic of Ireland and British Overseas Territories are all eligible to vote in this election.

In addition, those British citizens who live overseas and are registered as overseas electors will be able to vote.

Ahead of polling day all registered voters will receive a polling card showing them the location of their polling station.

The cards are not actually required to vote.

If they are lost or mislaid you will be able to find your local polling station in the days running up to the election by keying in your full postcode on the Councils 'My Richmond' page.

For information about the electoral process, including how to register to vote or how apply for a postal or proxy vote.

On December 12th polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm.

The counting of votes for the borough’s two Parliamentary constituencies of Richmond Park and Twickenham will commence that night, with the results expected to be announced in the early hours of December 13th.