Sir Vince Cable and the Mayor of Richmond helped the Integrated Neurological Services (INS) to celebrate 25 years of service and support for people living with neurological conditions.

More than 150 service users, staff and volunteers attended York House on October 17th to celebrate the help and support that has been given to people living with Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Stroke.

Graham Collins CEO of INS said: "The key message which Vince Cable spoke about the huge role volunteers play in supporting people.

"He spoke a lot about how charities and services are able to meet with people which combats isolation and loneliness.

"Volunteers and charities make sure people are not left on their own and are not dealing with their conditions by themselves.

"INS was founded 25 years ago because the NHS does not support people living with neurological conditions.

"They offer six to eight weeks of support which is where we come in as we don't believe that people should only get help when they are in crisis.

"This was the case 25 years ago and it is still the case now."

Richmond volunteer groups and organisations also attended the celebrations where they had the opportunity to listen to speeches given by Sir Vince Cable and the charities founder Ellie Kinnear.

There was also a celebration of cakes that were designed and made by INS supporters and also donated to the charity via Richmond businesses.

Mr Collins continued: "The NHS's ten year plan is all about getting people to self manage their condition but that can only happen if they are supported.

"If you Parkinsons Disease - yes you can mange your condition but you may need support.

"Charities like ourselves aim to fill the gap as we understand that NHS resources are stretched.

"We don't just support people with conditions we also support carers.

"Carer's often left to their own devices and not really supported when it comes to looking after someone. so we come in and show them how to do things like how to lift people, how to wash them as well as offering support to carers who might be struggling to care for someone because they may not have enough information on how best to support someone needs when they are living with a neurological condition."

INS also produced a documentary which showcased all the work the charity has done since it launched 25 years ago.

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