A new charge is due to be introduced on construction and demolition, or DIY waste, at Richmond's Household Waste and Recycling Centre in Kew.

The council claims the new charges come after a spending review, with the decision made to "bring the service in line with neighbouring boroughs", referencing the rising cost of DIY waste disposal.

At present - residents are able to dispose of up to six 80 litre refuse sacks of DIY waste every month at the Townmead Road Centre free of charge.

But this is set to change from December 2, when residents will have to pay between £41 and £205 per tonne of DIY waste that is disposed.

Cllr Martin Elengorn, Chair of Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sport Committee, said: "Managing Richmond’s waste disposal costs, coupled with on-going reductions in Government funding, meant we needed to look carefully at how we deal with and pay for waste.

"This type of DIY and construction waste can be expensive to dispose of.

"This new charge is being introduced to cover the costs of disposing DIY and construction waste by those who require the service, which we believe is the fairest way for all residents.

“Many authorities elsewhere in the UK already charge for this type of waste to cover their cost of its disposal, and Richmond will now be doing the same."

DIY waste is considered anything that was once fixed to a property or outside space, i.e.: not something that would normally move with you when you leave a property.

This could include construction and demolition materials such as stone, rubble, clay, concrete, bricks, blocks, sand, tiles, paving slabs, and ceramic bathroom suites.

Cllr Elegorn continued:"I would stress that these charges apply to the specified waste types only and no householder will be expected to pay for normal household waste, recycling materials, and garden waste taken to Townmead. Leaflets will also be available at the centre to ensure that residents are kept up-to-date."