More than 500 arrests have now been made following ongoing Extinction Rebellion protests in central London.

On Tuesday, 8 October 2019, the Metropolitan Police Service imposed a condition upon the demonstrations.

The following condition was imposed under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986:

"Any assembly linked to the Extinction Rebellion 'Autumn Uprising'…who wish to continue with their assembly MUST go to Trafalgar Square and only assemble in the pedestrianised area around Trafalgar Column.”

The condition does not have a time limit.

In order to impose this condition, the Met required evidence that serious disruption was being caused to communities in London.

The Met believes that this action is necessary in order to prevent the demonstrations from causing serious disruption to the community.

Anyone who fails to comply with the condition is liable to arrest and prosecution.

As of 7.30am this morning (October 9), 28 people have been arrested as part of the Extinction Rebellion protests in London,

A total of 583 people have been arrested since the start of the protests.

Protesters have been camped, with tents, banners, food stalls and sound systems, on roads around Parliament Square and Whitehall, calling for urgent action on climate change and wildlife losses.

Metropolitan Police Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor said the police have plans in place to intervene and "deal proactively" with anyone who has the intention of shutting down the airport.

And he said more than 80 tonnes of equipment being used for the protests in central London had been seized, including tents, portable toilets and generators.

Police were clearing any sites outside the pedestrian area of Trafalgar Square, after restrictions were put in place to stop disruption in the capital, he said.

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