Protesters from Extinction Rebellion Richmond were among the activists who took over Westminster Bridge and were also there to witness a climate emergency wedding.

They were among other activists who are part of an international non-violent two-week protest that is aimed at getting the government to do more to stop the global warming crisis.

53-Year-old Richmond Hill resident and Science Writer, Tim Watt, who attended the Westminster Bridge protest, said: “I wanted to stand up for the idea that positive change can happen.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

“Contrary to the PM’s bluster, all types of people were there and made Westminster a pedestrian paradise.”

Once the bridge was safely occupied by Extinction Rebellion, the protestors renamed Westminster Bridge ‘The Beacon,’ as a way of ‘shining a light of truth,’ on Parliament as well as being the empowering voice for people facing the risk of rising seas and extreme weather.

Protestors Tamsin and Melissa also got married on Westminster Bridge in front of fellow activists and celebrity guests including Ruby Wax, Juliet Stevenson and Poldark’s Ruby Bentall.