Residents are being asked to share opinion on plans to improve the accessible play area at Raleigh Road Recreation Ground in North Richmond.

The Council are continuing to make improvements to its open parks and spaces and have asked people living in the Borough to share their views on the possible upgrading of children’s play equipment at the Recreational Ground.

Cllr Martin Elengorn, Chair of the Environment, Sustainability, Culture and Sport Committee for Richmond Council, said: “It is important that all our play areas are accessible to all users.

“These proposals will make sure that children of all abilities will be able to have fun outdoors.

“I hope that families in North Richmond will recognise how much these improvements could benefit the local area and encourage more people to have access to nature.”

The aim is to create the play are more integrated so that children can play together through:

• The installation of a wheelchair swing and additional seating that has at least one side with easy access for those with additional mobility needs or buggies

• Improvement of the current walkways to make it easier for buggies and wheelchairs to move across the ground

• The addition of a sensory pathway with textured flooring and a variety of colors and shapes at eye level to offer stimulation and interest for all children

This would allow for the installation of:

• Sensory walkway

• Wheelchair accessible swing

• Activity trail and spinner

• Accessible seating / benches

• Pathway suitable for wheelchair users and buggies

• Upgrade of existing parks furniture

• Provision of new tree and bulb planting in the autumn