The people who help care for the chess board in Twickenham's Church Street have shed some light into its 24 year history.

Shona Lyons works at Crusader Travel with her parents whose business it is.

Her dad, Bruce Lyons, is the chairman of the Church Street Association of Traders and has been for many years. Shona said the board was first used back in 1995 for a bit of healthy rivalry.

"We originally had a temporary plastic board for the first Twickenham festival in 1995 where the police and firefighters had a contest," she said.

"But we have kept it here due to popular demand and over the years it has changed.

"Some years ago Bruce put plastic tiles on a wooden board and did it that way for a few years. But in the last 12 years or so I have been painting it as I think it work better and lasts longer."

She added that twice a year, depending on wear and tear, she gives it the once over with the paint brush, just like she did this Bank Holiday Monday.

"The last paint job I did lasted quite long actually and it has only started looking rather faded and worn in the last month," Shone said.

"It gets played a lot.

"There is barely a minute in the day when the board and chess pieces are out that people aren't playing.

"A lot of mums and dads come with their kids who really love it and they play all kind of imaginative games with it. Then there are quite a few serious players adults and kids who play.

Shona said it is always a pleasure to watch the board bring joy to families.

She hopes that it can for many years to come and added that anyone who wished to sponsor a chess piece or two to keep the entertainment going would be more than welcome to.