Performing Arts students brought an all-time classical musical production to Surrey this month at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

The Stagecoach Summer Showcase event took place on August 16 and 17, at the Rose Theatre.

At least 80 young performers – both local and from around the world, came together to give audiences a rendition of the much-loved musical ‘The Sound of Music.’

After successfully passing through the audition phase, they took part in a two-week residential course in Twickenham, training under the guidance of industry professionals, ahead of their performances at the Rose. 

The Sound of Music originally premiered on Broadway in 1959.

It also was the last musical collaboration from the highly acclaimed duo Rodgers & Hammerstein.

In 1965, the musical went from a Broadway production into a film starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Image via StagecoachImage via Stagecoach

The film received five Oscars and became a family favourite due to its heart-warming story, predominantly young cast and breath-taking backdrops of Salzburg.

This year’s Stagecoach students came from the UK- and, other countries including Malta and Spain.

After successful passing through the audition phase, they took part in a two-week residential course in Twickenham where they trained under the guidance of industry professionals.

Sixteen-year-old Stagecoach student Spencer said: “I have learned so much from the experience of being part of the Summer Showcase.

“The creative team are amazing – they have such enthusiasm and so much knowledge and skills to pass on. It was a great opportunity.”

Stagecoach Performing Arts is a growing network of more than 1800 extra-curricular Performing Arts Schools on a global scale.

Stagecoach aims to make a difference in its students’ lives by teaching Creative Courage for Life and many children have gone on to study and work in Performing Arts from blockbuster films to countless roles in local theatre productions.

Olivia, 17, from Stagecoach Banbury added: “Stagecoach – and the Showcases I’ve done – have given me the perfect foundations of discipline, technique and audition skills.

“Not only was it two weeks of fun, but it’s also two weeks of really valuable training and networking to help you secure a place in the performing arts industry.”