A teenage thug stamped on a stranger’s head causing brain damage because he thought he saw him looking at his girlfriend.

The violent, sustained and unprovoked attack took place at Richmond Railway Station.

Thug Blaine Brown has been jailed this month for five years and will be on an extended licence for another four due to the severity and brutality of the attack which his innocent victim still has not recovered from.

The victim was standing at Richmond Railway Station on Sunday, March 24.

At about 6pm he was confronted by Brown.

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “Brown, 19, exchanged words with the victim and then punched him in the face, causing him to fall to the floor.

“He then kicked and stamped on the victim’s head with significant force causing serious injury.

“Brown and the 19-year-old victim were not known to each other.

“He was reportedly overheard shouting ‘are you looking at my girlfriend’ before launching the attack.

He then left the station leaving the victim unconscious.

“The victim suffered memory loss and serious, life changing injuries.

“He was committed to hospital for a lengthy period.”

Transport police officers were able to gather enough evidence to find and charge Brown, of Carriage Mews, Ilford.

Brown admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent, an offence which can carry a maximum life sentence.

He was jailed following his appearance at Blackfriars Crown Court for five years.

Once released, and while he is on licence for another four years, he could be sent back to jail if he commits any more crimes.

Det Con Robert Wyllie, of British Transport Police, said: “The victim suffered devastating injuries as a result of this vicious attack.

“Thanks to the quick response of emergency services he survived and is now doing everything he can to recover.

“Brown is an expressively violent man.

“He didn’t want to just fight his victim.

“He wanted to hurt him significantly and had little thought for the long term consequences.

“I welcome this sentence.

“It’s a clear message to anyone intending to commit serious violence on the railway network.

“We commit significant resources to investigating violent offences and you will be brought to justice.”