Residents concerned about the expansion plans at Heathrow will be able to watch what happens in the court room as Court of Appeal agree to live stream.

All legal cases that are challenging the Governments support for the expansion Heathrow Airport will be streamed over six days from October 17.

Paul Beckford, Policy Director of the No 3rd Runway Coalition, the leading campaign organisation opposing the expansion of Heathrow, said:“This is excellent news for transparency.

"It is vital that the public get the opportunity to hear that the Government chose to proceed with expansion at Heathrow because the former Secretary of State for Transport did not consider the Paris Agreement relevant.

"The fact that a net zero target has now been included in the Climate Change Act makes the climate case against expansion even stronger.”

In May, the High Court dismissed the judicial review claims made by five separate parties that the Government’s Airports National Policy Statement (NPS), as approved by Parliament in June 2018, was unlawful.

Four of those claimants lodged appeals against the judgement in terms of the undue consideration given to the environment, noise and climate change.

And in July The Court of Appeal agreed that there was basis for an appeal to take place.

The environmental organisation Plan B have also filed a skeleton argument in preparation for the hearing.