The leader of Richmond council has written a letter calling for an increased police presence in the town centre.

Cllr Gareth Roberts, wrote to the head of the South West borough command unit, Chief Superintendent, Sally Benatar.

In the letter Cllr Roberts says: "As a direct result of the closure of Sovereign Gate and a recent spate of high profile crime against younger residents on Richmond Green, residents in Richmond and surrounding areas now feel unsafe in our borough.

"I appreciate that crime in Richmond is relatively low, however you will, I’m sure, understand that fear of crime can be as powerful as being a victim of crime.'

He goes on to outline the uniqueness of the borough, which is the only London borough situated on both sides of the River Thames, and how having the only manned police station in Twickenham (on one side of the River) gives residents on the Richmond side of the River a feeling of isolation from their main police station.

Cllr Roberts concludes by asking the Chief Superintendent to 'bring pressure to bear on the Mayor of London and Commissioner Dick to restore a visible police base in Richmond Town Centre.'

The Council has been working alongside partners to help address concerns around crime particularly in the Richmond area.

Whilst monthly robbery figures have halved over the last two months, an increased police presence in the area has been secured with four extra officers to be on the ground over the summer months.

Additionally, Richmond Parish Lands Charity has secured funding for a youth service bus to be present on Richmond Green for 10 weeks over summer to help engage with young people and address issues around robberies in the area.