Road users will now have to drive at a reduced speed which is being rolled out by the council today [August 5].

The 20 mph ‘safer roads’ scheme is being rolled out across Kew Green and parts of Hampton after a consultation was held last year – which received 10,000 responses from residents.

Cllr Alexander Ehmann, Chair of Richmond Council’s Transport and Air Quality Committee said:

“I am delighted that, starting today, we will be delivering on our promise to make the borough’s roads a safer place for all road users.

“Following extensive public engagement in 2018 we have gone away, looked at feedback and are implementing a policy which takes into consideration what our residents want.”

The reduced speed will not include TfL red routes, some of the A305, A308 and A310.

The borough has been split into 25 areas in order to make the implementation of the scheme as simple as possible.

The areas all follow natural boundaries like the river, railway, excluded roads and the borough’s borders.

The 20mph speed limit will go live in one area at a time.

Cllr Ehmann added: “Whilst the scheme is being implemented, we will also be conducting further research and evaluation on those excluded roads to assess whether a 20mph would work in these areas.

“The roll-out will begin in Kew, whose residents were the most vocal supporters of the policy and will progress in zones over the next twelve months.

“I urge drivers to be aware of the new policy and remember to follow the new limit.”

Richmond Council have also changed the 30mph signage to 20mph in the areas where the scheme applies.

The Council will be taking the opportunity to declutter existing signage, such as entry plates for CPZs. Information on the go-live dates for each area will be available on Richmond Council’s website.