Transport for London (TFL) have announced plans to launch two new bus routes and have made changes to all bus routes affected by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge.

The changes, as well as the introduction of two new bus routes, 378 and 533, start on August 3.

A spokesperson for TFL said: “As you know, following the closure of Hammersmith Bridge earlier this year we have been reviewing bus operations in the surrounding areas.

“We made a number of changes on Saturday 18 May, which were designed to provide or enhance direct links between Roehampton, Mortlake, Barnes and the Tube network at Putney Bridge.

“We wanted to retain a direct link between Barnes, Mortlake and Hammersmith, where there is step-free access to the Tube and to reinstate route 72 to its full length north of the river so it again runs between Hammersmith and East Acton.”

Route 378 will operate across Avondale Road and Putney Bridge via Mortlake High Street, Barnes Bridge Station, Station Road and Mill Hill Road.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Route 533 will operate between Hammersmith Bus Station and Barnes via Chiswick Bridge, Mortlake High Street, Barnes Bridge station, Lonsdale Road, Castelnau and Barnes Pond - replacing Route 609, all students are advised to take bus 533 if they need to access Harrodian School.

The TFL spokesperson added: “We understand that not all of the changes we made have benefitted everyone.

“As such we have been taking feedback from local stakeholders via public meetings and the YourSay section of TfL’s website.

“We continue to work with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and their contractors to provide greater clarity on timescales for the bridge repairs."

Bus 209 will run between Avondale Road and Castelnau - terminating at the junction with Lonsdale Road and, will no longer serve Mill Hill Road, Lower Richmond Road or Putney Bridge station.

Route 33 will begin and end in Castelnau, close to the south side of Hammersmith Bridge instead of passing Hammersmith Bridge Road and Hammersmith Bus Station.

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Commuters are advised to walk across Hammersmith Bridge and use route 72 north of the bridge or take Route 265 between Barnes station and Putney Bridge station to Barnes Station and take bus 33.

Route 72 starts and finishes at Hammersmith Bridge (north side bus stop) and will no longer serve Castelnau, Rocks Lane, Barnes station or Roehampton but, will continue to run a service from Hammersmith Bridge to East Acton.

The night service for route 72 will be renumbered N72 and will continue to serve Roehampton and East Acton but is rerouted from Barnes station and Hammersmith bus station along Lower Richmond Road, Putney Bridge and Fulham Palace Road, no longer serving Rocks Lane (northern section), Castelnau or Hammersmith Bridge Road.

Another reroute change is bus 419 which will now operate between Richmond and Barnes Pond (via Castelnau) but not Hammersmith Bridge Road or Hammersmith Bus Station.

It continues to run as previously between Richmond and Lonsdale Road (eastern end) and will exclude heading towards Barnes Pond and Lonsdale Road.

It will no longer pass through Howsman Road and Kilmington Road in this direction.

For more information on other bus routes affected by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge Road visit: