Pupils from a primary school in Twickenham successfully raised funds to build an eco-friendly space as a final farewell to their teachers.

Year six students of St Mary’s CE Primary School on Richmond Road also received financial support from their parents so that they could develop a pond and wildlife area which will also be used as a learning space to teach other students about nature and sustainability.

Dan Cadman, Deputy Headteacher at St Mary’s said: “It has long been an aspiration for us to better use this space in the school for the children’s education.

“We were delighted when we were approached by Year 6 asking for suggestions as to what we would appreciate as a lasting gift from the 2019 leavers and their parents as this seemed a golden opportunity.”

Both parents and children participated in a sponsored climb of Mount Snowden in Wales and received support from The Friends of St Mary’s School (FOSM) and from a sponsored climb of Mount Snowden in Wales.

Mr Cadman added: “Young people today are interested and concerned more than ever about the environment and protecting our natural world, so having such a valuable learning area on our site is the perfect opportunity to teach children about these issues.

“Along with growing projects across our other school sites and topics of learning linked to environmental sustainability, we are giving our children the knowledge, skills and passion to restore our world to a place of harmony.”

The wildlife area was designed and created by Rock Steady Gardens, who built a variety of usable spaces and a potting shed for children and teachers to use in their lessons.

The pupils also received expert advice from Francis Bennett at the Richmond Biodiversity Partnership who was able to assist the students as part of her role working on community engagements projects at Richmond Council Parks team.

For more information visit: https://st-marys.richmond.sch.uk/