Extinction Rebellion took to the streets of Richmond on July 20 in response to the government’s failure to support climate change issues.

The protesters carried out a mock funeral and ‘mourned’ plants and species that have become extinct.

Terri Trimble, Extinction Rebellion Richmond said: “I am a Whitton resident and work as a graphic designer at West Thames College and I have been a member of Extinction Rebellion since March and helped set up Extinction Rebellion Richmond in April.

“This was our first event in Richmond, and I am really pleased that so many people joined us. It shows that local residents really care about the climate crisis and want the government to act now.”

The event started outside Barclays Bank on George Street, Richmond where activists staged a “die-in” on the pavement to highlight the bank’s culpability in the environmental and climate crisis.

According to the “Banking on Climate Change” report published by Rainforest Action Network, Barclays Bank has provided over $85 billion to fossil fuel industries from 2016 to 2018 and was the top European banker for fracking and coal power.

The ‘pretend funeral procession,’ consisted of a coffin, floral displays, tombstones representing extinct species and almost 70 mourners.

The funeral protest then made its way at a respectful pace from Richmond to Kew Gardens and held a short memorial service just inside Victoria Gate.

The group headed to Kew Gardens to present a ‘thank-you’ letter for the institution’s work to preserve flora and fauna species.

Ms. Trimble added: “The fact that the council declared a climate emergency this month is also a positive first step and we look forward to working with them to make sure their words are matched by deeds.”