The Songs & Stories Playgroup at All Saints Church in East Sheen managed to raise more than £264 by completing a sponsored walk.

The playgroup were inspired to raise money for the Meningitis Now charity after the event’s organiser, Elisabeth Galvin contracted the viral strain of the disease last year.

Ms Galvin said: “I contracted meningitis over Christmas, when my daughter was six months old.

“I will always feel fortunate it was me and not her who had it. Meningitis Now helped me understand the illness, and I wanted to give something back to them.”

Meningitis is an inflammation of the fluid and membranes which cover the brain and spinal cord.

Over 1 million people worldwide are affected by disease.

There are three strains of the infection: bacterial – which is the most lethal and can be life threatening, viral which is the most common but less severe type and fungal/environmental which is more common in people living with AIDS or weak immune systems.

It can be hard to recognise in the early stages. Symptoms can be similar to those of the common flu, including: fever, rash, vomiting, headache, stiff neck, sensitivity to light, and drowsiness.

Ms Galvin added: “We were thrilled with the number of children who joined in the Toddle Waddle and even more pleased with the generosity of members of the playgroup and All Saints Church, as we raised more than £263 for the charity."

The Songs & Stories Playgroup is held every Wednesday during term times from 10am onwards and the next playgroup session will be September 11.

For more information on the signs and symptoms of Meningitis visit: