Broadband provider, Open Reach, have launched a new venture that will provide thousands of residents and businesses in Twickenham with the fastest connection service in the country.

The ‘Fibre Cities’ project will be spread across the whole of the UK however, the launch for the project has been rolled out in the Richmond Borough – specifically Twickenham, first.

Managing Director for Strategic Infrastructure Development for Openreach, Kim Mears said: “We’re delighted that the first residents and businesses in Twickenham can now benefit from our future-proof, resilient full-fibre broadband.

“It [Full-fibre broadband] helps to create prosperity, spread opportunity and drive exciting new developments in sectors from small business to health and education.”

Around 10,000 residents living in Twickenham, were some of the first to receive the speedy service.

This means that homes and businesses in the borough have been able to access speeds capable of up to 1Gbps, with others following in the next few months.

Cllr Robin Brown, Lead Member for Finance for Richmond Council, said: “This faster broadband will enable residents to download a feature film in under 25 seconds, it is more future proof and reliable.

“For businesses there are also benefits, including uploading, downloading and transferring large files, enabling vital new digital services like uninterrupted monitoring, video conferencing and streaming, as well as enabling things like greater flexible working for staff.

“Whilst this upgrade is currently only for Twickenham residents, we will be lobbying Openreach to ensure that the rest of the borough receives the faster connection as soon as possible.

“If you live in Twickenham, go online now and see if you are eligible.”

Find out if you are eligible for Openreach’s faster service by checking here:

To see a map of those eligible areas, see the Fibre First location map: