The East Sheen by-election candidates have been revealed ahead of July 18, where registered voters will head to the ballot box.

Four prospective councillors recently announced they will be standing after former Mayor, Cllr Mona Adams, passed away.

The candidates have been gearing up for the big day and we caught up with them ahead of the by-election to find out more.

In alphabetical order:

Helen Margaret Edward, Conservative

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

A former marketing director for Logistics PLC and RAC, Helen Edward believes she is well placed to discuss road traffic solutions. She is also the Governor at Sheen Mount Primary School and has a keen interest in children’s early learning development.

She said: “The number one issue in Sheen is getting out of our own front doors.

"Since the closure of Hammersmith Bridge, the knock-on effect of traffic along Upper Richmond Road and the resulting rat running, speeding and dangerous driving around schools is putting our children, families and older people at risk. This is in addition to the time lost in traffic for all of us, decreased business productivity for our high street retailers and pollution caused by idling and stop-start congestion. "

Giles Oakley, Labour

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

An East Sheen resident since 1978, Mr Oakley joined the Labour party in 1964 and has been a member ever since. He worked for the BBC for more than 30 years, making programmes on politics, history, the arts and social issues, several of them award winning. For several years he was Deputy Chair of the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom.

Mr Oakley said: “I believe in the core Labour values of solidarity, social justice and internationalism, all things that should bring people together.

"It’s vital we have strong Labour voices in this community standing up for our values. Labour doesn’t currently have any councillors in Richmond Borough. This means key issues such as affordable and social housing, social care, NHS funding, homelessness, reduced public services and adequate resourcing of local schools are not receiving the attention and action they should by the council.

Julia Cambridge, Liberal Democrats

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Julia Cambridge grew up in Cyprus, where her father served in the RAF. She later graduated from the Royal College of Art, going on to become an award-winning designer.

She said: “I stood here in last year's local elections - and it was an honour to campaign alongside Councillor Mona Adams. I'm standing in this by-election, sadly caused by Mona’s untimely death. I promise to carry on her excellent work and legacy.

“East Sheen is my home; it’s where I live, where I brought up my family. Local issues are my motivation. I began my political activism in East Sheen, standing up for environmental concerns in our neighbourhood.

“The issues that are important here: air quality, transport & traffic, Heathrow expansion and Brexit, are also my personal concerns. I'll be East Sheen's strong voice on the council and will do everything I can to carry on Mona's legacy as a community champion.”

Trixie Rawlinson, Women’s Equality Party

Richmond and Twickenham Times:

Trixie Rawlinson is a former journalist who now runs her own business, having lived in the borough of Richmond for 19 years.

She said: “This is my first foray into politics, although I’ve always considered myself political.

"As a councillor representing the Women’s Equality Party, I will work hard to create a more community-orientated and equal world – both in my own small patch and wider afield, so that everyone has equal access to the services they need and an equal share of opportunities in life. The old parties have failed to deliver on equality, leaving UK politics in disarray. It’s time to stand up and do politics differently”.