A new exercise scheme launching in the Richmond borough, to help residents who live with Osteoarthritis, will be the first of its kind in the borough.

The ESCAPE-Pain Exercise programme is a pain management service that launches on July 8 and will be offered to people living with chronic pain in their knee and hips.

Designed and developed by Professor Mike Hurley – the ESCAPE-pain programme is a nationwide project which is currently being supported by NHS England and Versus Arthritis.

The programme has been designed to improve a person’s function by integrating exercise, education, and self-management strategies to dispel inappropriate health beliefs, alter behaviour, and encourage regular physical activity.

Professor Mike Hurley, Clinical Director MSK Programme at the Health Innovation Network said: “ESCAPE-pain is now being delivered in every region in the country, including several sites in other parts of London.

“We are delighted it is starting to be delivered in Teddington and I hope that the many local people currently suffering with knee and hip pain find this innovative approach as helpful in making their lives better as people in many other parts of the country do.”

Thousands of residents living in Richmond could be eligible to attend the programme and official figures estimate that in Richmond, 73,645 experience osteoarthritis.

ESCAPE-pain will run 12 weekly sessions which will be held twice a week for a total of six weeks.

The service is already widely available across England - operating in over 190 sites, with classes that are run in a variety of locations such as hospital physiotherapy departments, leisure centres, gyms, church halls and community centres.

James Pain, Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Teddington Memorial Hospital, said: “We see a large number of people with chronic pain in their knees and/or hips every week at Teddington Memorial Hospital.

“The programme [ESCAPE-pain] is clinically proven to help people feel better and keep moving. I am delighted that we are able to support residents in the borough of Richmond by setting up this fantastic programme.”

For more information about the benefits and to sign up to the ESCAPE-pain programme visit: