A group of residents living in Richmond and Twickenham have teamed up with a local campaign group to call for the first past the post voting system to be scrapped.

The ‘Demand Democracy Day’ is being organised by the Make Votes Matter group and is due to take place on July 6.

Campaigners believe the UK’s “undemocratic” First Past the Post voting system does not allow for fair representation and will be encouraging the public to sign a petition calling on local MPs; Vince Cable, Ruth Cadbury and Zac Goldsmith to support a move to Proportional Representation.

René Bach, a resident living in the borough, said: “When a party in 2015 with 36.5 per cent of the vote yet over 50 per cent of seats in Parliament, are handed 100 per cent of the power, something tells that is rather unfair. We need seats to match votes.”

The event – which is also taking place in 70 other locations across the country, comes in the wake of growing frustration among voters towards British politics.

The campaign group say that the current voting system denies millions of people a voice in Parliament and instead forces more tactical voting – which ultimately, misrepresents the will of the British people.

The group point out that the Conservatives and DUP share most seats in the House of Commons, despite receiving just 43 per cent of the vote in 2017.

Emma Knaggs, Grassroots Leader at Make Votes Matter, said: “British democracy is in desperate need of radical overhaul so that our Parliament reflects the people and how they voted.

“The way to achieve this is through a system of Proportional Representation so that if a party gets 20 per cent of the votes, they win 20 per cent of the seats. Most developed countries already take this for granted, in the UK we’re still lagging behind.”

The Demand Democracy Day will be held outside Wholefoods in Richmond, Santander Bank in Twickenham and outside Isleworth Railway station.

For more information visit: https://www.makevotesmatter.org.uk/events