A ballet dancer is set to take part in a production based on a popular children’s book, which is being choreographed by a dancer from the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

Scarlett Monahan, 10, from Twickenham will star in ‘Ballet Shoes’- a production based on the book by children’s author, Noel Streatfeild.

Scarlett said: “Ballet Shoes has always been my favorite book and to be in a ballet of it is truly magical. I really hope lots of people will come to see LCBit and it will inspire other children to dance like it did me when I was little.”

The show is part of the London Children's Ballet (LCB) 25th anniversary celebrations and is expected to be brought to life by a young and talented cast of 56 dancers aged between nine and sixteen.

The dance company is also a charity which pioneers itself in offering fun and creative productions for children in London and the south-east.

The choreography has been put together by Ruth Brill, First Artist of the Birmingham Royal Ballet and consists of a live orchestra, set changes and fun costumes.

The LCB uniquely offers children from lower income families and those living with a disability the opportunity to express themselves using dance.

Rebecca Monahan, Scarlett’s mother said: “I’m so proud of Scarlett, we’ve been going to see the London Children’s Ballet every year since she was five, when her ballet teacher organised tickets for everyone.

“At the first performance she said to me ‘I want to be in this when I’m older’, and here we are. She’s a very determined young lady but also incredibly lucky to be part of it this year.”

‘Ballet Shoes’ runs from July 4 to July 7 at the Peacock Theatre in London.

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