Children and parents are invited to join a charity walk which raises funds for homeless children living on the streets of east India.

The Hope Foundation – a charity that raises money for children in Kolkata, will launch its ‘Walk4HOPE’ walk on July 21 in Richmond Park.

Chloe Seymour, a Charity Fundraiser for The Hope Foundation said: “Children in the United Kingdom and children living in Kolkata see no difference – they just want to play.

“We want to encourage children to support each other and it would be great if more children could get involved.”

The ‘walk4HOPE’ event starts at 10am and the walk takes place at 10.30am in Roehampton Gate car park.

The ten-kilometer walk will follow the Tamsin Trail route at a slow pace and is expected to last for around five hours.

There will also be a picnic at the Isabella Plantation at midday and a £10 registration fee is required which can be purchased via charities online shop.

For more information, you can call 020 8133 0863 or email