A 54-year-old man has been found guilty of murdering a former nurse in Teddington, after he deliberately set fire to her house.

William Kydd, of Gabriel Close, Feltham was convicted at the Old Bailey on June 18 for setting fire to 74-year old Carole Harrison’s home and her murder in August 2018.

There were reports that Mrs Harrison – a mother of five who lived in Teddington for 46 years, had been seen in the company of a man that matched Kydd’s description on the same day as her murder and shortly before the fire started.

Detective Inspector Domencia Catino, who also led the investigation said: “Carole was an elderly vulnerable woman who had a very trusting nature and would believe that as soon as she was spoken to by anyone, they were her friends and would go to any lengths to help them

“Kydd clearly preyed on this vulnerability, callously taking full advantage of Carole’s generosity for his own selfish gain and stopped at nothing to get what he wanted," 

“One way or another Kydd was determined to get rid of any evidence – which also included Carole, giving no thought to anything but himself.”

A pathology report in November 2018 stated that Carole had been alive during the fire and had been assaulted shortly before it.

Small fires were set in four separate areas of the house and all internal doors had been closed – something that would have been impossible for Carole to do herself because of her arthritis.

Kydd was seen on CCTV leaving Carole’s house minutes before the fire was reported and forensic evidence found that Kydd had access to the address on the day in question and that he would have access to some form of ignition because he smokes cigarettes.

He is due to return to the Old Bailey for sentencing and is remanded in custody until his sentencing date.