Volunteers from an international charity will be hosting a sponsored walk in order to raise awareness for international homelessness.

The Richmond Riverside Sponsored Walk- an eight-mile walk organised by Christian Aid, takes place on September 28 at St Matthias Church, Church Road.

Justice Onwuka, Campaigns Champion and Regional Coordinator for Christian Aid said: “The Thames path is a beautiful area and ideal for our walk. Families are welcome to come along as the will be three checkpoints which will have cakes, refreshments and bathroom facilities.”

Currently there are 40 million people are internally displaced around the world. In some countries like Colombia, South America – which is also famous for its cocoa and coffee beans, families are thrown out of their homes and have their land confiscated by drug cartels or big organisations who need to access resources.

The walk will be split into to eight kilometre and three kilometre stretches and will pass along Terrace Gardens, Ham House Gardens and end at St Anne’s Church, Kew Green.

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