A young man was violently beaten by a 20-strong mob in Twickenham on Friday and no arrests were made, despite claims that police spoke to the attackers.

Local resident David Mawson, 40, witnessed a group of men attack a stranger unprovoked at a bus stop outside The Prince Blucher, on Staines Road, at around 9.45pm.

The victim managed to escape to nearby Oriel Court, where Mr Mawson found him battered and swolen, whilst the attackers allegedly remained on the Green opposite the scene.

Around ten police officers arrived shortly before 10pm, having been called from inside the pub, approaching the group and speaking to them, Mr Mawson says.

They soon left the scene, making no arrests.

"I'm tired of hearing about increased police numbers, that we're on high alert, yet here the police had the chance to do something and they've done nothing," said Mr Mawson, who moved to Staines Road in 2017.

"If it was Vince Cable getting beaten up, I'm sure they all would have been nicked.

"I went home and thought that this poor lad had been beaten to a pulp, and the attackers were just sitting on the heath enjoying themselves.

"It's one problem if there's a lack of police, but in terms of reducing crime you have to at least arrest people when you have the chance."

Two weeks ago, Richmond police announced they were increasing patrols and dedicating a team to investigating robberies in the area following a recent crime wave in the borough.

In the same week, two youths on a moped attacked a police officer with hammer in Whitton, the latest incident of violence seen as uncharacteristic of an area with a typically low crime rate.

Mr Mawson was on his way to Sainsbury's when he saw the group of around 20 young men on the opposite side of the street.

"I saw another young man at the bus stop and the group just ran to the other side of the road and jumped on him, kicking and punching," he said.

"Unusually, I didn't have my phone on me, so I ran inside the pub to call police.

"The victim had gone missing by the time I came out. We thought it couldn't have got very far, but he must be injured.

"We found him round the corner on Oriel Court, hiding, bruised and very shaken up. The poor lad had no idea why it happened, it was totally unprovoked.

"He said he doesn't even live in the area."

Mr Mawson says police took his details, but he still hasn't heard from them.

A spokesperson for the Met said: "Police were called at 21:59hrs on Friday, 31 May to reports of an assault on The Green, Twickenham.

"Officers attended and spoke to a man who said he had been attacked by a group of males who then fled the scene.

"Enquiries are continuing; no arrests have been made."