Hundreds of people took part in a six-kilometre walk in Richmond Park last weekend to raise awareness of water shortages in the developing world.

The family-friendly walk, the first of its kind in the UK, formed part of the Global 6k for Water yearly event organised by international children's charity World Vision.

It aims to raise awareness on lack of clean water in developing countries. Last year, more than 48,000 people in 30 different countries took part.

Ten-year-old Richmond resident Adya took part in the walk with her mum, Priya, and 5-year-old sister Aria.

Adya said: “I like that we took part in the Global 6K to benefit other people. I carried a container filled with water some of the way but it was too heavy! It felt amazing to take part in the race. At halfway I felt good – but I felt even better when it finished!”

Six kilometres (or 3.7 miles) is the average distance a child in the developing world walks to fetch water, often dirty, for their households every day.

Children miss school because of this and many encounter dangers along way. Thousands of children under the age of five still die every year because of contaminated water and poor sanitation.

A similar walk will take place around Willen Lake in Milton Keynes on Saturday 11 May, from 11 am.

Find out how here how you can take part, or how to organise your own event with family and friends.

Funds raised at the Global 6K walk will support World Vision’s water projects in Chibumagwa village in Tanzania, East Africa - home to 5,000 people.