A Richmond high school has been recognised as 'good' by Ofsted in its latest inspection.

The success comes after Hampton High joined the Richmond West Schools Trust (RWST) in 2016.

Under the new leadership of Headteacher Rebecca Poole, the school has undergone a marked improvement.

“We are enormously proud of what has been achieved at Hampton High," she said

"Being officially recognised as a good school across all categories shows that Hampton High has the leadership and unwavering purpose from the entire school community to move on to an even brighter future.”

“What is most important, is that the local community has the good school that it deserves.

"Local families can now be sure that Hampton High offers a high standard of education and a secure future for their children, with this Ofsted judgement a testimony to the sustained hard work and determination of the school.

"Through working in partnership with families, and unifying the staff through the leadership’s clarity of vision, the school is now firmly on a journey to becoming outstanding.”

Since Hampton High moved to RWST there has been a focus on teaching and learning, behaviour and school standards.

Leaders, staff and students have been working together with Governors and Trustees to develop systems which enable students to achieve their full potential.

RWST is a two school trust under the leadership of Philippa Nunn, who recently left Waldegrave School to concentrate fully on supporting school improvement at the two schools.

Philippa Nunn, CEO of RWST, said: “This Ofsted report reflects the hard work and dedication of staff, students and Governors at Hampton High under the great leadership of Rebecca Poole and her team.

"This is a significant step forward for the school. Ofsted only gives a good judgement when there is real evidence that there has been, and there is still ongoing improvement to teaching, standards, behaviour and leadership.

"The school has gone from strength to strength since it transferred to RWST. Congratulations to all involved.”