Pupils from a Twickenham school presented a time capsule to be buried at the Teddington Riverside residential scheme to be opened in 50 years’ time.

Newland House School pupils included toys, school newspapers, drawings of life in Teddington in 2019, a school blazer and a CD of the school choir among other things, to be buried on the historic Teddington Studios site.

Eugenie Ropner, Head of Sales and Marketing at Pinenorth Properties said: “It was great to have the children from Newland House School here and see the items they have chosen to put into the capsule.

“The Community is important to us and we really enjoy involving people from Teddington in the project.”

Head of Pre-prep, Tracey Chong commented: “We were delighted to be asked to contribute to this very special history project to help fill the time capsule being buried in the grounds of the new Teddington Riverside development on the site of the old Teddington Studios.

“As part of the project, children in Year 2 captured the essence of the studios, the history of Teddington and of course the school, and as they learned more about the significance of our local landmarks and we discussed olden times and the River Thames.

“In the classroom we tend to focus on literacy and numeracy in the mornings, but this investigation fed well into our afternoon topic-based learning. The children loved being creative and their imaginations were piqued by images of the old studios which were demolished in 2016.

“Before long they had created plenty of material for the time capsule and a few members of the school council were chosen to visit the site and hand over the time capsule at Teddington Riverside. This was an excellent learning project for the school and we were most grateful to the owners of Teddington Riverside for giving us this opportunity.”

Teddington Riverside has donated £250 to the school to be used for a history learning initiative.