A restaurant in Richmond has received a glowing review from Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach.

Joe, who lives in Richmond, posted the recommendation on his Facebook page, which has over 3 million followers.

He said: "I found this lovely little restaurant [Una] on Sheen Road. It's been open two months and every time me and Rosie walk past, it's empty, and it breaks our heart.

"We keep saying we will go but the fact it's empty has been putting us off."

Joe went on to say that he was walking past it with Rosie on Tuesday, March 5, on their way to GBK, when they decided to go into.

"We were greeted with the most wonderful welcome and we sat down and had the best meal we have had in months.

"Its Asian style tapas restaurant and I was absolutely blown away with the standard of food and car the chef put into each plate.

"I learned a valuable lesson last night that we should not judge a restaurant by its empty tables. And I’ve also reminded myself of the importance of supporting small businesses in our community. If you live near Richmond and want a nice meal out give it a go."

After posting the review on Facebook, Joe went past it again yesterday and was "absolutely buckled" after seeing that it was full of customers.

For more information on Una visit https://www.una-restaurant.com/