The project team behind plans to build a permanent home for Turing House School on Hospital Bridge Road have responded to the Great London Authority's advice.

Sites in Hounslow were assessed as part of the original site sequential report, however, they were removed at Richmond Borough’s request in the application submission. 

They are also looking into parking provisions and have said if on-site parking is not provided it will "result in staff parking in nearby residential roads which the school and highways officers are keen to avoid."

Ed Sutton from main contractor Bowmer + Kirkland commented, “The positive and detailed feedback from the GLA has enabled us to respond with solutions that we believe best match the requirements for Very Special Circumstances, alongside those of

However, Hospital Bridge Road Resident Action Group (HBR-RAG) have criticised the consultants, who have had "months, if not years, to get their planning application right".

"Despite having pre-planning advice from both Richmond Council and the Mayor of London; they have repeatedly chosen to ignore it," a spokesperson from HBR-RAG said.

"Hospital Bridge Road Resident Action Group have demonstrated (in their objection letter to the planning officers) that there are many other suitable sites; some disregarded too easily and not even considered.

"In addition, we have shown that building the school on Hospital Bridge Road has insurmountable traffic, safety, and environmental problems.

"The Turing House project team need to engage with the new council administration and build the school close to the community it was set up to serve. This is in the best long term interest of all residents.