A woman Whitton and her mother were left "disgusted" after discovering a cake they brought home from their visit to a Kew bakery was mouldy. 

Kate Cheney and her mother visited the bakery and tea shop last Friday (March 1), because they loved the food there.

They went for afternoon tea and ordered the cake as part of the meal. 

Kate said: "When we got home, we went to eat the cakes with a cup of tea. The cream choux bun's cream filling smelt sour and tasted disgusting. I then had a look at my slice of chocolate cake and it had mould all over the base. 

"I have always loved the food in Maids of Honour. I sent Maids of Honour an email on Friday, following our visit. It's disgusting and makes you wonder how long they have their food sitting around. 

"For such a well-established bakery, I am very surprised. I am even more surprised they have not responded to my email and photos."

Maids of Honour is a family-run bakery and tea shop serving pies, sandwiches, salads and cakes in Kew since 1860. 

A Maids of Honour spokesperson said: “We confirm we are in the early stage of investigating a customer complaint. We take our food quality, standards and reputation very seriously and will be conducting a thorough investigation.”