The planning application for Turing House School's new site on Hospital Bridge Road does not conform to the London Plan, the Greater London Authority has said.

The school has been at a temporary home but was a step closer to moving, after Bowmer & Kirkland submitted the planning application to Richmond Council last November.

One of the main concerns raised by the GLA was that the site is entirely within metropolitan open land.

The site is entirely within MOL and on land which is underdeveloped and "not appropriate for MOL use."

"The development would therefore only be acceptable if the harm is outweighed by 'very special' circumstances," the GLA said.

"The case put forward does not sufficiently demonstrate special circumstances to outweigh the harm." The GLA have asked for more evidence and information.

Another concern raised is with respect to transport. The school have proposed an on-site car park for staff.

However, the GLA feel that current proposals for parking are "excessive" and should be reduced.

They have also said that electric car charging points are required.

The GLA has also said that the multi-use gym area needs to move, to reduce the impact on the MOL, the plans do not fit the London Plan's climate change strategy and the school must provide a fire evacuation life.

A Richmond Council spokesperson said: “We have received the Stage 1 Referral Report from the GLA which indicates its support in principle for a new school and agree it would meet clear need for school places in the area.  

"However, the GLA has advised that the application doesn’t yet comply with the London Plan in areas around ‘very special circumstances’, design, climate change and transport.  

"The report highlights the necessary remedies which need to be taken and further information which needs to be supplied to address these concerns.

"We will now be working with the planning applicant to overcome these concerns.”

A Turning House spokesperson said: “The project team behind plans for a new home for Turing House School have received the GLA Stage 1 report indicating broad support for a new school at the Hospital Bridge Road site.

"Whilst the GLA have sought some additional information and potential design changes before confirming compliance with The London Plan, this is part of the normal planning process and enables us to ensure the final scheme we take to planning committee best matches the requirements of all consultees.”

The London Plan is the spatial development strategy for the Greater London area that is written by the Mayor of London and published by the Greater London Authority.