Residents in Ham are upset and worried about the closure and sale of a community asset. 

The Ham Village Center (HVC) is a community run public house that has been regularly used by residents as a place to socialise. 

However, members of the community spotted the property listed for sale on Chase Buchanan.

Lisa Wilson raised the closure of HVC to the Richmond and Twickenham Times, commenting: "I am extremely worried regarding the closure and sale of this community property, I have been told that The Ham Village Centre has not filed any paperwork with the charities commission, advising the charity has closed down.

"In my min,d I feel this to be rather irregular, residents and Ham should not lose this community space. The sale of this property needs to be stopped, and all members of HVC be informed, in the correct manner, as no meeting was held regarding the closure.

"There are so many things this property is suitable for, and not just a drinking club, there are plenty of workshops and groups within the area, that are more than willing to use this space, should they have been allowed. I feel that the sale of this property needs to be removed from the open market.
"I fail to see where the money would be reinvested, and what other space in the heart of a small community could be used. As this property stands it is suitable for the residents of Ham, and the community it is designed to serve."

The description from the estate agent says the "former public house is nestled in the heart of Ham, close to Petersham and the wonderful amenities in Richmond upon Thames. This property sits on a desirable corner-plot and would benefit from change-of-use and planning applications, to suit the needs of any buyer."

It has been listed for sale at £1,100,000, with "opportunity to redevelop". Chase Buchanan say its a two bedroom house, with a basement and bar area. 
Ham ward councillor Penny Frost, cabinet member for Children's Services and Schools said: "We are all sorry that HVC was not able to continue to trade as it was such a lovely community resource, despite the best efforts of all those who put so much time and effort into the restoration of the Centre. 

"We are exploring ways that HVC can continue to have a role within the community, but as you can imagine it is early days for that. 

"There is no straightforward way that any community hub such as a pub or Village Centre can be sold directly for housing, as Planning departments need a lot of evidence that such a centre no longer has a function within the community.

"Let us hope that the next step for HVC will be very positive for everyone locally."