A woman from Twickenham is ‘hopping mad’ after being issued a ticket while attending a wedding reception at Petersham Hotel.

Mary Regan, in her 60s, was attending the evening event on December 1. She parked her car in the car park as she has done before.

A regular visitor to the hotel for dinners and events, Miss Regan has parked in the hotel’s car park several times.

However, a few days later she was issued a parking ticket for apparently parking illegally in the car park.

She appealed the ticket but was told that because she did not register her car at the hotel’s reception desk she would have to pay the fine.

Ms Regan said: “I was so shocked when I got the ticket. I was under the impression that people visiting the hotel could park there.

“They have apparently introduced a new parking policy which means you have to register. When I was attending the wedding, it was dark, and I wear glasses.

“The signage was not adequate in the car park but worst of all the receptionist did not tell me about the change.

“When I went to complain to the hotel a disabled woman was also there, complaining about her ticket. She had a disabled badge.

“I have emailed and called the general manager and he hasn’t had the courtesy to respond to me. I will not be going back to the hotel and will be telling others not to either.

“It seems like it’s a way for the hotel to make money. I have been there several times for the last decade and never been fined for parking there.”

Since Ms Regan contacted the Richmond and Twickenham Times, it has come to light the wording on the signage in the car park has been changed. A before and after of the sign is attached below.


Before (left) and After (right)

A spokesperson from the hotel said: "To ensure maximum availability of car parking for our guests, we implemented a new parking policy in late 2018.

"Car parking at The Petersham is complimentary for hotel and restaurant guests, as long as they register their car on arrival. 

"There are multiple signs on the entrance to the car park, throughout the car park and on the entrance to the hotel to advise guests of this policy.

"We have taken on feedback and also advise guests on arrival at the hotel where practically possible, but guests are ultimately responsible for registering their own vehicles on arrival with us."