An entrepreneur from Richmond has released an inspiring and motivational coffee table book which details candid stories of business and personal growth from 100 founders and CEOs.

Guy Tolhurst, 40, is a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) champion and a serial entrepreneur who has three businesses based in Richmond – Intelligent Partnership, in:review and MICAP.

A natural-born entrepreneur, Tolhurst started in business at an early age.

He launched and ran a successful music promotion company at University, then expanded his portfolio to kick off a short but successful career in real estate.

After successfully helping Hunters Estate Agents expand an overseas sales network and developing a clear understanding of economies of scale, he set up his own business as a distributor of investments.

Believing there was a better way to educate advisers to make better decisions, he launched his current businesses in Richmond, 11 years ago.

He said: “It has been hard at times and when I started to hear more stories from entrepreneurs it was clear that it wasn’t just me who has been on a rollercoaster ride.

"This inspired me to create something that opens up discussions and tell the impressive untold stories within the founder community.”

This lead Guy to co-author 100 Stories of Growth: How they did it, a collection of real-life tales of the ups and downs of growing a business, but men and women entrepreneurs.

Together, Guy hopes their insights will reveal how to make the right choices to scale to success.

100 Stories of Growth: How they did it addresses several challenges someone could face when starting and running a business.

He said: “We address a number of challenges within the book, including pricing competitively at the first stage of the business, hiring and retaining talent and the timings of financing.

“Previously, the runway to investment was much longer, meaning founders could build emotional resilience from the highs and lows in their journey before they considered taking on financial capital.

"Now the runway is shorter, it’s more important than ever that founders take on external capital from the right source, at the right time in their journey.

“A small misalignment of interests at the outset can become a significant divide over time, and the pressure that brings and cause mental health issues for the founder and sluggish business growth.

"It’s important that investors not only support businesses financially but also invest in the leaders and teams they are backing.”

Guy spoke glowingly about running a business in Richmond, he said: “It is a great place for a business, with a great work and home life away from a busy London life, suiting outdoor creative people.”

100 Stories of Growth: How they did it is available to buy here for £29.95, with personalised cover letters or forewards available.