A women's action group is hoping a proposed public spaces protection order in Twickenham will not go ahead.

Be Here For Me, a group of "mothers against the ban on help outside abortion centres", has fought against plans for a PSPO outside the Pregnancy Advisory Service Clinic in Rosslyn Road.

According to Richmond Borough Council's consultation, protests and vigils have been held outside the BPAS clinic on and off for the past ten years, but now take place "almost daily".

The consultation added the campaigners appear to be associated with pro-life organisations, with the primary organisation being The Good Counsel Network.

However, two women who have been helped by the protesters have come out to speak up against the proposed PSPO.

Speaking through Be Here For Me, one of the women, named as Debra, said: "I was raped and found that I was pregnant as a result. I was homeless and was told by friends to abort if I wanted their help.

"I did not feel abortion was the right decision for me. But when I went to BPAS, I found that I was not offered anything but abortion.

"I had no legal rights in the UK at that time – no rights to benefits or housing. The pro-life woman at the gate politely offered me help, which I accepted and I went on to have my baby with their practical and financial support and housing.

"I will be forever grateful to these people. I had no idea this kind of help existed. Although I spoke to the Council committee at their October meeting – just before the Council launched their Consultation on the Buffer Zone, my testimony was ignored in the discussion that followed.”

Another woman, names as Sara, also speaking through Be Here For Me, said: "I was pushed and harried into the BPAS abortion centre by my partner who did not want to be bothered with supporting me through a pregnancy.

"No-one at the BPAS clinic seemed to notice that I was under pressure. I was completely unhappy, but I had no rights and no support in the UK.

"Through the help of the pro-life lady I met outside, I have been able to keep my baby while having their support and help to be able to house and feed my child.

They have also got me legal help and advice I needed. Even though the Good Counsel Network advertises widely, I had never heard of them or found them online.

If I had not met them there I would have had to have the abortion. If I hadn’t met Justyna that day, I would have definitely had the abortion.

Because who was there to look after me? I had no money. If I had been living somewhere, the landlord would have moved me on because I couldn’t afford the rent.

Tomorrow my baby girl will be 9 months old. It makes me angry to see people saying the help and support I was given outside the clinic should be banned.

"These people say that other people should not be allowed to offer help to women like me because that is harassment. They do not speak for me. They should come and talk to me and hear my story.”

Failing to comply with the restrictions imposed by the proposed PSPO would constitute a criminal offence. If implemented, the Order would be introduced for three years and reviewed on a regular basis.

Cllr Liz Jaeger, Richmond Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Community Safety said: “The Council has undertaken this consultation after concerns raised over a number of years about protests/vigils being held outside the BPAS Clinic on Rosslyn Road.

"As with all consultation undertaken by the Council residents have been widely informed about how they can take part. The proposed zone seeks to prevent those using the clinic from being harassed or intimidated as they seek to enter the clinic and is not intended to prevent free speech.

"We are completely satisfied with the justifications and processes around this consultation and would encourage all our residents to have their say before the deadline.”