Award-winning, Hampton Wick based author, David Lindsley, is publishing his best-selling Far Point novel as an audiobook.

The Far Point novel is a gripping page turner, a tale of greed, ruthless ambition and political intrigue set in the world of engineering. It is brought to life by the author’s deep understanding of engineering, the power industry and the people who work in it. Behind the scenes in the book, a searing love affair adds romance and more intrigue to the life of the novel’s protagonist, Dan Foster.

Far Point is described by Amazon: "When paralegal Fiona Wilson is asked to locate and recruit engineer Dan Foster to help identify the cause of a fatal accident at a power station in Hong Kong, she doesn’t realise how it will change her life forever. Political corruption has set a chain of events in motion that could lead to a world-scale disaster.’

The paperback version of Far Point won first prize in a literary contest, the Engineering Media Awards, organised by several UK engineering institutions in a bid to raise the profile of the engineering profession and to stimulate the take-up of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in schools and universities.

David Lindsley is severely sight-impaired, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of his aim of portraying engineers as ordinary human beings working in a challenging field that touches all our lives. He also wants people to know that the engineering profession is not confined to men. "One of my characters is a high-flying female engineer who stands up to her bullying and bombastic boss with steely determination," he said.

The book does not confine itself to the work of engineers; it also explored the characters’ imperfections, emotions and passions.

David Lindsley invited Teddington-based agency The Story Consultancy to help market the audiobook of his award-winning book Far Point after recent meetings and discussions about the content of the book and how best to market the audiobook version.

Paul Stallard of Teddington-based agency The Story Consultancy said: "We help global brand owners, SMEs, educational and scientific institutions tell their stories to engage and entertain in a human way. We also help individual people tell their stories too as our mantra is Helping You Tell Your Story. So, helping a local author promote his work and tell his story is a perfect project for us. We use a process which we call Storytelling in A Business Context to engage and inspire people and arouse their cultural curiosity. David was intrigued and asked us to help him in this way as he clearly believes in the power of storytelling as a successful author."

David Lindsley added: "The audiobook is an exciting venture for me. It’s my first one and I believe that actor Julian Casey, the narrator that I have chosen, has done a fantastic job. In some audiobooks, the narration can get between the author and the listener, with clever but ultimately annoying pronunciations of various dialects. Julian, with his soft Irish-Canadian intonation, gets it just right."

The Far Point audiobook is currently in production and is due for release just before Christmas 2018.