A grieving daughter has been left distraught after learning that PA Housing will be evicting her from her mother's Hampton house, after her death earlier this year.

Angharad Hedges moved in to her mother's house on Fulmer Close in May to take full time care of her mother, Marlene Jaffa. Marlene was suffering from pneumonia, but passed away in August.

The 32-year-old, who has two young daughters, was told by PA Housing to apply for discretionary succession so her family could stay in the house. However, this was rejected and she was told it was because they haven't lived in the house for at least a year.

She was told to go to Richmond Council, who informed her that there wasn't any accomodation available, but they could place the family in a bed and breakfast in either Hounslow, Croydon or Greenwich.

Angharad is a learning support assistant at a local school, while her nine-year-old daughter suffers from severe anxiety. This meant that moving would have caused her daughter a lot of stress and she was already very settled at Clarendon Girls School.

She said: "I was still grieving when we were told to evict. PA Housing haven't been any help, we felt because of the unique and upsetting circumstances they could have been more sympathetic.

"It is helping me grieve, staying in the house. Being evicted would be heartbreaking. My 12-year-old will just start crying randomly and the school has noticed that my youngest daughter has been stressed and worried.

"My husband already suffered from depression and this has made things worse. I have been prescribed depression tablets too."

Ian Watts, executive director of operations for PA Housing south east and London, said: "Mrs Hedges’ mother was PA Housing’s tenant when she sadly passed away at the end of August 2018.

"Mrs Hedges applied to us to succeed her mother’s tenancy, but had only been living in the property for three months. The tenancy does not have an automatic right of succession to anyone other than a spouse. While we considered the application for discretionary succession, eligibility requires the applicant to have lived at the property continuously for 12 months.

"Unfortunately on this basis, Mrs Hedges’ application had to be refused. The family were given four weeks notice to vacate the property; we have now extended the notice period for a further four weeks.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to Mrs Hedges, but as a responsible Housing Association we must remain mindful that social housing – especially in London – is in exceptionally high demand and short supply. It is imperative that we apply a fair and consistent approach to requests."

A Richmond Council spokesperson added: "We are aware of this issue and have met with the family to discuss their housing options.

"Whilst there is not any imminent risk of homelessness at present, the possibility that temporary acccommodation may need to be provided, possibly in bed and breakfast initially, has been explained.

"The council makes minimal use of such accommodation and makes all efforts to avoid doing so where that is possible."