A number of trees will have to be removed following inappropriate action by a contractor on Richmond and will be replaced at the cost to the contractor responsible.

One of the Council’s Arboriculturalists attended the site after a fallen tree was reported to the Council by a concerned resident. The officer found multiple roots had been severed during paving repair works recently completed in Selwyn Avenue.

Unfortunately, significant root severance has been identified at 11 locations, rendering trees unstable and therefore posing an unacceptable risk of damage or injury.

The Council’s Parks and Open Spaces service has instructed that these trees are removed and replaced as quickly as possible. Signs will be erected warning that stump removal operations are to take place within the period following tree removal and as part of this process new tree pits will be created.

The Council will be seeking compensation from the contractor for the costs associated with removing and replacing the trees. The replacement trees will be on top of the 500 trees the Council has announced it will be planting over the coming months.

Cllr Martin Elengorn, Cabinet Member for Environment, Planning and Sustainability said: “We are disappointed that the contractor’s carelessness has meant these trees have had to be cut down. The Council will be asking the contractor to reimburse it for the costs associated with removing and replanting these trees and will be demanding that it makes sure that it complies with the policies relating to careful works around trees and tree roots to ensure we do not have repeats of this incident.

“We understand residents will be concerned that the trees will be replaced as soon as possible and would like to reassure them that this will take place during the current planting season.”