A Twickenham widow who lost her husband to a brain tumour has posed for a calendar-girl style calendar in his memory and in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity. 

Sara Challice, 47, lost her husband Neal in 2015 after he had suffered with two brain tumours in 13 years. He was diagnosed with the tumour six weeks after he met Sara. Sara refused to leave him when he was diagnosed and spent the next 13 years caring for him. 

In that time, Neal was in remission for a year, suffered a stroke during his second tumour and was left needing full-time care for the last four years of his life. Since his passing, Sara has been supporting The Brain Tumour Charity to raise awareness for the cruel disease. 

She was persuaded by her friend and artist, Fon Cosens, 49, along with 11 other women to cast off their inhibitions with their clothes for the All Walks of Life 2019 calendar and posed with a violin for her solo shot, which she knows her 'larger-than-life' husband Neal would have loved. 

"I can imagine Neal smiling about the calendar project and he would have given me the courage to take a very big step out of my comfort zone as he always made me feel beautiful and confident," said Sara.

Neal died on September 6, 2015 and although Sara had been trying to prepare herself for the inevitable for years, it still came as a shock. Sara spoke about Neal's final moments: "I had my right hand cradling his head and my left hand on his heart, telling him how much I loved him and that it was time to let go as he passed away.

"It was a gift I was there for his final moments as I'd always wanted to be with him at the end, just as I'd always been there for him." As she grieved, Sara struggled to adjust to life after being a carer for so many years and devoting all her time and love to Neal. In a bid to help her grief and make the most of her life, like Neal would have wanted, Sara spent a month travelling around Southeast Asia in 2017,

Sara has written a book for carers, which she is hoping to get published soon, and vlogs to support carers and help them to look after themselves. She hopes the All Walks of Life calendar helps to raise money and awareness about the brutal disease which took Neal's life.

She hopes the All Walks of Life calender helps to raise money and awareness about brain tumours such as the one which took Neals life.