A teaching assistant at a Teddington primary school has uncovered the names of the teachers and pupils missing from a First World War memorial.

During the 2007 restoration of the memorial, which stands in front of Stanley Primary School, 15 of the 67 names of those who gave their lives in the conflict were so badly worn away they could not be read.

This, however, inspired Stanley teaching assistant and local history enthusiast, Fiona Baum, to find out who these men were, and engrave their names on the memorial.

She spent years looking through the school’s archives, and local lists of men killed during and after the war.

David Neller, a creator of the online World War One war memorial for Teddington assisted Fiona throughout her journey of shedding light on the truth.

Fiona said: “Ever since I started working at Stanley Primary School I've had a fascination for the war memorial. When I discovered there were some names missing I became even more interested, and thought I’d try to find out who they were and restore them to their rightful place”.

Fiona found the worn away names just in time for the school’s memorial service.

She solved the mystery with help from David Neller, by cross-referencing results from lists in the school archives, and local newspapers.

Their names were engraved on a plaque as a temporary measure for now, but Fiona is hoping to apply for funding and get their names back where they belong to.

She added: “I felt quite proud at this year's Remembrance service to see the names restored, albeit in a temporary form until they can be re-engraved. We at Stanley have always been very proud of our memorial as it’s one of very few stone memorials erected in a primary school”.