A Teddington resident has been left upset and angry after thieves broke into her house and stole £9,000 worth of jewellery.

Sara Jones, 47, Cadogan Close, and her husband were both at work when someone broke into their house by smashing the window pane on the back door. They stole all of Ms Jones' jewellery, a lot of which was passed down to her by her late mother.

She said: "Its very upsetting and distressing, while we are covered by insurance you can't replace the sentimental value of some of the items stolen. One of the pieces, a tanzanite pendant, was given to me by my mum the day before she died. It has such sentimental value and someone just gonna sell it for a low price.

"We have lived in the area for 18 years and never been broken into, we don't feel safe anymore. Even the neighbours don't feel safe, several are getting alarms installed."

Sara's husband discovered they had been burgled when he returned home from work on November 1 and called police at around 8:17 pm. No arrests have been made and forensic work has been completed at the scene. Enquiries are ongoing. Richmond CID continue to deal.