An image of a red deer taken at Richmond Park has won first place in a photography competition.

The winning image entitled “Urban meets the suburbs” was taken by William Richardson from London. He wins the top prize of £200. The competition was run by leading environmental consultants, Thomson environmental consultants.

This is the eighth year that the competition has run and the theme this year was ‘man’s impact on nature’. The images were judged by a panel including one of the previous winners, Bill Doherty.

Winner, William Richardson said: “The picture shows a juxtaposition of the urban/suburban and how mankind is encroaching on natural space. It is my opinion that nature and the environment is a dwindling resource. Modern farming methods and pesticides have led to reductions in certain species numbers.

"Climate change too is definitely having an impact. As a photographer recording the wildlife of the UK and London specifically I am starting to take more pictures of animals that were once rarities - for example Jersey tiger moths and Humming Bird moths which were rarely seen in the capital several years ago are now seen in large numbers.”

Judge, Bill Doherty said: “The impact of man on nature theme is well met here. Landseer`s monarch of the Glen becomes the monarch of the gloom. I found this image quite atmospheric, and the lack of colour and detail adds to the overall impact that this is meant to convey.

"This early morning greyness with its background of sad buildings, gives an impression of solemn sadness. The head of the deer is turned towards this distant horizon, and while viewing the picture I can almost feel its thoughts of hills and mountains decorated with powdery lavender that go on “ad infinitum” and haunting cries of curlews fill the air, as opposed to car engines and the hustle and bustle of human life.”