A women’s rugby team have kicked off the new season with a win, playing at the club's historic grounds at Waldegrave School.

Thamesians Ladies were set up earlier this year, but despite being so new they have had enormous success already.

Securing sponsorship from PCR and PROJEXT has given the team a vital kick-start and has helped get them to where they are today. Sponsorship from JPDunn has helped the team continue growing.

The squad contains 20 committed girls who have gelled together excellently, as shown in their 75-5 victory against Fullerians from Watford.

Speaking after their win, Ingrid Barnsley said she is "honoured to have made history".

She added: “There were so many firsts…we were the first Thamesian ladies’ team and it was the first time playing on the original grounds in 40 years."

Teammate Zara Dankou said: "It was a great day of rugby in typical English weather. We had a slippery ball but both teams played well. They had the strength over us but we have speed.”

This comes after a successful summer playing in several tournaments. Despite not winning any, they did get into the semi-finals of the Summer Social and final of the Fat Blokes.

The fixture against Fullerians was their first time playing on the original ground and first win in 15s games.

The club hopes their women's team continue to grow and succeed as the season goes on.