A playcentre in Twickenham has been replaced by the Rugby Football Union (RFU), after the original was destroyed in a fire last year.

The Marble Hill Playcentre was destroyed in an arson attack and had left children with no where to play for almost a year. Chris Donnelly, RFU community engagement officer said: "The RFU was delighted to replace it so that the youngsters’ enjoyment and imaginative play is not affected. The new playhouse was delivered through Mace, the construction company building the new East Stand.”

This is the second local project which the RFU, Mace and DBI have undertaken, with an outdoor classroom at Chase Bridge School officially opening later this year.

Mr Donnelly added: “Everyone in the local community was upset to read that the playhouse had been burned down by vandals. Marble Hill Playcentre is an important, safe and open space, hugely popular with local families. It was a real pleasure to be able to help provide a custom-built house for the children."

Katy Lamb, of Marble Hill Playcentre said: “We are so grateful to the RFU for providing our new Wendy house and we look forward to many years of happy make pretend home-making at the heart of our Playcentre.”